Drawing, construction and approval from the authorities of lifting equipment for replacement of calciners


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Project description

Two 55 metres high calciners were to be replaced by new ones of a height of 72 metres. Process Engineering was contacted and asked to construct various special cranes and other lifting gear required to handle the task. We were also responsible for CE marking of all of the lifting equipment that was to be used.

In partnership with the customer and the customer’s sub-supplier special lifting beams, cranes and suchlike were designed in order for the replacement of the calciners to take place with a minimum of downtime.

The process

As the plan progressed with the replacement and dismantling of the old calciners, we designed the required lifting equipment and cranes so they would be ready when required. The lifting gear was used both for dismantling the old calciners and for setting up the new ones.

Because the new calciners were higher than the old ones, and in order to make sure that operation could continue, the tops of the new calciners had to be lifted above the old ones and be installed before the old ones were taken down. This presented some challenges because the lifting gear for dismantling the old calciners had to go ‘under’ the new ones and a vertical lift therefore would not be possible. In order to solve this problem we constructed an overhead travelling crane under the new ones that had been set up, and in this way it was possible to dismantle the old ones.

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Construction drawings
  • Calculations
  • Workshop drawings
  • CE marking of all lifting gear

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